Sunday, 30 September 2007

Gallery Update

LinkBack from holiday and back in the studio!

We have just added a few more images to the main site ( A couple of commission pieces that Ali painted last year and a real blast from the past from me - the first Eldar Aspect Warriors ever painted! I have images of the miniatures I painted for the GW studio back in 1990 - these come courtesy of Jes Goodwin who now owns the figures, and kindly let them be photographed for the site. I remember painting them really clearly, they were really quite a step forward in miniatures at the time, and a joy to paint. Little did I realise at that time that nine years later I would be sculpting updated versions of some of them myself.

Alison and I have quite a few things in the pipeline, and a really busy couple of weeks before we travel over to Paris for Salon du Jeu and the Ravage Open Mix. That's promises to be a really great event and we can't wait to see everyone who's going. I will be doing a painting demo on the Alkemy stand on Saturday afternoon, so stop by and check out their great miniatures - it promises to be a fantastic range.

If you can't see the new images in the gallery sections - try clearing the cache in your browser and refreshing the page.

Talk to you soon!


1 comment:

Tom said...

Awesome! i remember seeing these guys in (I think) White Dwarf 127. Finally, the Eldar weren't just "space pirates" anymore! Good stuff!

And while I'm at it, (I think) it was White Dwarf 114 and your Heroquest stuff in there that inspired me to try harder as a mini painter. (I'm still trying)

Thank you.