Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Just finished Brother Corbulo for a commission. He's the first Blood Angle I have painted in a long time (12+ years...?) and after a little struggle with the shade of red I wanted to achieve, he went quite smoothly. I didn't want to paint him all deep red - that would mean that the little details, like gems and vials of blood, would be lost - so I opted for a slightly orange-red colour. I kept the rest if the colour scheme pretty warm to be sympathetic to that - shading with quite a lot of red and brown tones (apart from the red armour, which I shaded down with deep blue).

With so many strong colours I thought it was important to keep the face fairly bright - and it stands out well, so I am happy with how that worked.

I've already started on another Space Marine - after not painting any for years, I can't seem to stop now...

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Dan said...

Fabulous reds Mike. You always make it look soooo easy.