Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Emperor's Champion

I actually painted this one last year, but I was disappointed with the way it photographed, so I never got round to posting it here. I always have trouble photographing metallics - and as this one is 80% metallic, it was a bit of a nightmare. The trouble is that my studio lights are so bright, they create tiny reflections in the surface that just can't be seen normally. You'll just have to take my word that the surface is smoother and flatter than it appears in the pictures - it almost looks like it's covered in glitter...

I also think that I shot them on too light a background - it just makes everything look a little washed out. I much prefer the deeper colour we are shooting everything on these days - it gives much more contrast and punch to the images.

Anyway, apparently we mentioned that I was painting it in an earlier post, and someone just emailed and asked if I ever finished it.


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KaiserX said...

Well I'm just impressed that you actually used metallics and not the NMM technique that's been prevalent everywhere and has even started to creep into White Dwarf. I think [emp. 'I think'] that it's fine for an artist to showcase their talent once or twice with NMM. But after a while, it does get old and those that "try" and those that "can do" start blending together until when you see NMM it's just blah. A metallic base paint with tinted washes and highlighting is second to none.