Friday, 9 October 2009

Brother Goriel

I picked up a copy of the new Limited Edition Space Hulk box set a little while ago - not for the game though, I have never played Space Hulk (or many other games for that matter...) - but for the fantastic miniatures. I think the plastics in this box are amongst the best GW has ever produced. There is some amazingly fine detail on the Terminators, and they have been really smart with the way they have designed them - creating strong animation with minimal drafting (which is what causes some of the detail to be smeared on plastic miniatures).

Alison and I plan to paint some of them over the next few months - just between other projects really. I thought I'd start with Brother Goriel - I like the pose and detail a lot on this miniature. The Genestealer head also offered a good opportunity to add extra interest.

I've added him to the Studio Store on the main Studio McVey site



David said...

Very nice. I assume you did your usual thing of using multiple ink washes to deepen the red? Do you use dullcote or something afterwards to kill the shine, or does that ruin the effect?

Adam said...

Mike, you've got to play the game. It's fantastic.

Mind you, it'd probably take you a month of sundays to paint all the miniatures to your usual standard.

Roman aka jarhead said...

Oh yeah, this one is very nice mike! Painting mine also at the moment and i really like your version a lot! Such cool models! Looking forward to some more from the box, this one is also my favorite! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

Eggmarine said...

Agreed these plastics are superb, I hope white metal minis stay around but plastics are just as good nowadays. It makes me wonder where mini sculpting will go? The standard is always improving.