Monday, 9 November 2009

Ali's Vitharr

Sorry for the lack of posts recently - we just seem to have been really busy in the past week.

Here's Ali's version of Vitharr - a very different look and feel to mine, I think you'll agree. I really like the gritty realism on this one - and there's some wonderfully subtle painting.

I have finished a few commission pieces lately - so as soon as I get round to processing the pictures, I'll post them here.



PS - Dropped off the next Studio McVey sculpt at the production company today. It's actually one half of a pair... More news on the release soon!


Roman aka jar said...

Wow... i love this one too. Personal i'd prefer that more natural realistic look... a real hell of a paintjob! Wow! Keep on happy painting!


David said...

Wow, those metals are just fantastic.

David said...

Do you know when the next mini will be released? I'm hoping to see it in the next day or two, as would follow your pattern so far.