Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Salute is this Saturday (April 23rd), and it's going to be Studio McVey's first show. Both Ali and I are super-excited about it, and we've been really busy getting ready. We'll have all the miniatures in the range available and a couple of new ones... The first will be the new release for this month - that will officially go on sale on Friday, and we'll be taking stock to the show. We will also have a number (not quite sure how many yet) of preview copies of May's release - and that's actually going to be two miniatures that go together in a set. I don't want to spoil the fun by saying anything further about it - except we think it's petty great (but there again I would say that...).

We'll have all the studio painted miniatures on display, including the new releases - in fact Ali is sitting next to me putting the finishing touches to one of them as I type.

Please come and say hello if you're going to be there - we're at booth TG12 towards the back of the hall.

See you there!



David said...

Wow, sounds great. Will you have shots of both minis up on the blog after the convention for those of us who won't be there, so we can ogle the great studio pics rather than poor convention pictures? (Pretty please?)

Mario 2012 said...


I'll be there and gonna have to have the wallet fatten up!!!

Jokes apart will be an honor to meet you both there

goat89 said...

Good news: 'Grats McVeys!
Bad news: Imma over the pond. Come over.

350kilotons said...

Any chance you could pop by Pan, Sharro, Isabella and now Ar-Fienel for me? I'm at the Wargames Inc stand (TL13).