Monday, 14 June 2010

Darkness Resin

Just a really quick post to show the resin of Darkness - quite an odd looking beast, but I think he's got a really brooding sense of power and danger about him. I don't think I would want to meet him when he's fully formed...

I meant to post this last week - but the guys over at have been holding a painting competition featuring our very own Pan. You can see the results for yourself at the site. The results were just great - all of them had a totally different take on the miniature. I particularly liked all of the bases - we put a lot of thought into the bases we supply our miniatures on (if they come with sculpted bases), so it's really great to see some thought going into how the painted versions are presented.

Great stuff! It's really exciting for Ali and I to see people painting Studio McVey miniatures.

Just a quick shipping and orders update. Things have been very busy since we got back from the US, so we are just a few days behind with orders. We're getting a re-stock of Ar-Fienel (who has been astoundingly popular - odds on she'll be the first miniature we sell out of...) tomorrow, but apart from that we have everything in stock and should be up to date with orders by the middle of this week.




atacam said...

Really glad you enjoyed looking at the different takes on Pan.

Also a big thank you from the DP forum for the gift for the winner.

Mahon @ said...

Wow, thanks for telling us about the Pan painting competition. That's interesting :)

I think it must be very rewarding and encouraging to see your miniature range becoming so popular and your miniatures interpreted in so many different and interesting ways.

Darkness alone looks a bit weird for my taste, but with the lady, the two models look very cool together. Definitely among your best releases :)

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