Friday, 13 August 2010

Going, going... Nearly gone.

Well I have just sent out the 700th Ar-Fienel (and have a few more orders for her left to fill), so that officially means we have less than 50 castings left before the entire run of 750 will be gone. We always keep numbers 1-10 (for the sculptor, studio painting copies, and a rainy day), but we won't be selling what's left of those any time soon.

She's been phenomenally successful considering she was only released in late April - passing the high water mark set by Kara Black (who is not too far behind in sales...) about a month ago. It'll be sad to loose her from the range, but we're delighted to have our first sell-out miniature.

So this is just a warning - if you want an Ar-Fienel, you'd better move quite quickly, as I don't expect the current stock to last too long.




DL said...

I'm proud to say that I'm the owner of one of it, to be exact the #474, also have the other eleven minis =)

You've done a great work with Studio's miniatures line and I hope you'll follow the same path of quality.


350kilotons said...

I have to echo the above sentiments. A fantastic range of models. I just have to get the latest two and my collection is up to date, and I will be getting them soon!

Can't remember offhand what my model number is, but I do remember being blown away by Ali's model at Salute.

David said...

I'm also the proud owner of one of them. This one, to be precise. :)

Also, please check out my latest work, Lisbeth. She's definitely one of the best minis I've ever painted.

StudioMcVey said...

@David - love your Lisbeth (the Ar-Finiel is pretty good too!) - the colour palette is really good. The board is great - really good idea.