Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wild, wild West

Just added the latest release in the Limited Edition resin range to the Studio Store - Ruby.

We previewed this one to the mailing list yesterday, and the response so far has been fantastic. The original concept was by Sam Wood and Jacques-Alexandre Gillois pulled an absolutely stunning sculpt out of the bag - the detail and 'realism' (not that cowgirls on dinosaurs are particularly real - but you know what I mean) has to be seen to be believed.

Great paint-scheme by Ali too - she's been putting in some long hours at the painting desk recently. With this one and all the Sedition Wars miniatures to do, she's been pretty busy!

I'll post pictures of the resin, and the concept art soon - either here or on the forum (possibly both).




AkersMinis said...

Oo Great, I love the wild west too much not to buy that :). That sculpt is amazing, cheers to your fine sculpters for their work.

keith said...

Fabulous work as usually for the Studio McVey team. How many pieces is the kit?

Toosh said...

Well she's alright.......I guess ;o) Love the dino, the colours look very natural. It's a really fun sculpt. Grats on another solid addition to your range :D

Mabden said...

Really great concept.
It can create his own savage west world.