Friday, 3 June 2011

New tutorial video

We just added the latest painting tutorial video to our YouTube channel. In case you haven't been following this, it's related to a thread on the Studio McVey forums where we have been running a little follow-along tutorial on one of the Sedition Wars miniatures.

Initially we were just going to post a quick video to explain the way we blend - but that went down so well, we thought we add some more videos for some of the other techniques used on painting this miniature.




CMDante said...

Really enjoying these video tutorials you both are producing - very informative!

It's interesting seeing a "reverse" approach to how most people tackle chipped weathering - i.e. paint the damage colour first and then paint the "paint" colour on, without masking or using a sponge.

Keep up the great work!

HaWior said...

Nice Video again. How do you fix the mistake on the right arm? Because this are things that happen to all of us painters sometimes. Its bad on finished areas.

I like always the background Music you chose. In Video no.2 is the best. Can you tell me the artist and track title?