Monday, 27 February 2012

She's back!

We've been planning this miniature ever since we did the first version of Ar-Fienel, and long before the original turned out to be so popular. When we first discussed the character, we couldn't decide if we should do her in an active or passive pose, when we opted for the latter, we still thought we'd do another version that was a little more dynamic. Here she is!

The challenge was always going to be capturing the same etherial grace and poise of the original, but with some dynamic movement - and hopefully we've achieved that. That's down to the concept and sculpt of course and it had to be the same talented pair that did the original version - Stephen Tappin and Yannick Hennebo.

If anything I think Ali's paint scheme is even nicer - but of course she's had some practice now! It definitely feels smooth and more glowing than the first version, and the creams and pinks work really well with the greens on the base. Talking of which, the scenic base it really lovely - I'll take some pictures of it and post them here - it's just covered in beautifully rendered details.

She's available in the Studio Store now.

Hope you like her!



Frontline Gamer said...

Absolutely lovely work again. I was bitterly disappointed to miss out on the original. Partly because I think it's just such a lovely, graceful, almost melancholy piece... and also because my other half has never let me forget the fact that I've not got all the 'faeries' to paint for her. Trust me when she kicks you in the shins you know about it! :P

If you ever decide to do any second runs please let it be the original version... as it is I've just emailed the link to she who must be obeyed and she seems very happy. So if the boss likes it then it gets the thumbs up. And you're right Ali has done a fantastic job with the blending on her gown... awesome stuff.

HaWior said...

Lovely! Now she is more in a dynamic pose.