Monday, 4 June 2012

Samaritan Lancer

Well I failed on my blog-a-day hopes while the Kickstarter was running - I was just too busy yesterday to find the time. I'm determined to get as many posts on here as possible in the next few weeks though.

Things are still going incredibly well in the campaign, and we are closing in on the $140K stretch goal that will see Baker Zosa back in the game. I was really sorry to see him cut in the first place - but we only had room for three characters, Captain Kara Back was a must - as was having a medic when there are Strain infections to deal with - so we had to have Morgan Vade. Then it came down to a choice between Barker and Operator Akosha Nama - Sniper rifle vs Fusion Cannon... We decided to go with precision instead of brute force, but it was a hard call.

I'm delighted to see he's nearly back in the game though - hopefully we can reach that stretch goal and confirm it soon!

One of the new miniatures that is going in the game in one of the Elite Samaritan troopers -

Samaritan Lancer.

An interlaced electron beam acts as a guidance system for the plume of superhot plasma fired by the Azriel class fusion lance. The highly intense beam of energy is the equivalent of a controlled solar flare, capable of burning holes through Meridian class hull-plating.

Designed as a man portable, close combat, anti-materiel weapon platform the Azriel is deployed with a Technician class Samaritan specialist designated as Lancer. Serving dual purposes as a breach expert and an anti-personnel sweeper, the Samaritan Lancer is ideal for on point for incursions into hostile facilities and hard point extraction missions.

Here are pictures of the painted miniature -



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Tim said...

Slick! That reminds me of one of the District 9 weapons. Excited to see some very high-tech weaponry in the miniature world for a change!