Friday, 31 July 2009

Assembling and painting The Raven Priest pt. 4

Just a quick update this time - Ali painted the inside of the cloak, and since it's a pretty straightforward area, it won't take long to describe -

1 - The Base coat was Red Gore with just a dot of blue ink and dark green paint added . That gives a nice rich dark red. As usual, this was applied with a couple of thin coats to ensure it went on smoothly.

2 - Shaded in the creases adding more blue ink to the original base colour. Shaded darkest at the top of the cloth and faded down as the creases widened, and also behind his legs which is deep in shadow.

3 - Highlighted the tops of the creases with straight Red Gore

4&5 - Further highlights were mixed by adding Blood Red to Red Gore - then a final highlight with yellow added to the mix.

Ali didn't glaze over the finished cloth but there is the option of glazing the whole thing down with red ink - if you decide to do this, take the highlights a shade higher than if you weren't glazing.

6 - Gave the whole thing a mist of dullcote to photograph.

You'll also notice the feather attached to the arms have been altered. A little buff colour was added to the tops of the feathers and blended in. This helps to create to definition between the layers, and also makes the effect warmer to tie in with the rest of the miniature.



Ian Westrip said...

ry, I'm going back and reading all the blog posts I haven't seen... Has to be said, Red Gore is a shit sexy colour... lol.. I love the stage by stage on the Raven Priest, the steps are so subtle and small. Beautiful work! Are you going to do a stage by stage on the other minitiatures you release??

Ian Westrip said...

Read the start of that last as *Sorry, I'm.... lol