Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hasslefree Adventurer

Ali just finished painting this Hasslefree miniature - and I'm sure you'll agree, it came out really well. That sort of under-lighting is so hard to pull off well. One thing that just doesn't come across from the pictures is the size of the miniature, Hasslefree minis are all quite petite - she's just 28mm to the top of her head.

She's currently working on the skin on the Raven Priest for our collaborative project, so expect a blog update on that before the end of the the week.



Adam said...

Look at those eyes! So well done! It burns my soul!

Mabden said...

Great use of blue light, specially on face. And great the joke on helmet with these rebel symbol.
Congrats Ali queen of little things. :)

David said...

May the force be with you. Always.

Rob_Jedi said...

Really nice, never would have thought of turning such an obvious Aliens fig into such a convincing Star Wars trooper with just the paintjob alone. Very nice under lighting.