Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dragon Hunter!

Very exciting post today - the second Studio McVey Miniature is now available in the Studio Store over at the main website! The Raven Priest was a pretty hard act to follow - but I think that Broga is every bit as good. It's a beautiful Kev White sculpt - with amazingly sharp detail and lots of character. When we were making this one, we couldn't decide if we wanted him with out without helmet - so in the end we went for both! He also comes complete with a little scenic insert that fits neatly into the top of a plastic base. The production costs on this one were a little higher, but we decided to keep the price the same as The Raven Priest.

As with the Raven Priest, he's a multi-part resin miniature, and the quality of the casting is just great - we really couldn't be happier with it. The pieces go together very well, and you can't see the join once they are glued. I'll be posting a step by step on the assembly in the next day or so, but there really isn't a great deal of preparation work to do.

The above example was painted by Ali - and I will be adding my version (hopefully) soon. As with The Raven Priest we will be giving one of them away in a random draw! Once the production run is sold out we will randomly pick a number between 1 and 750, and the holder of that certificate will win the miniature of their choice. The more certificates you hold - the better chance you have of winning.

Hope you like him!



Paul Chana said...

Awsome model! Just placed my order :)


Elazar The Glorified said...

Looks absolutely stunning! :)

Mabden said...

Great model, and from no other than Kevin White. Congratulations again.

David said...

Beautiful. If you keep this up, I'm going to have to purchase your entire line.

Is the base inset exactly as in the picture, or has anything been added? It looks great - I would love it if you did base insets for all of the upcoming minis.

StudioMcVey said...

Hi David, The base insert is just like that. I will post a picture on the blog now. We do plan to do more (and other things...) for future miniatures.


Mastahh B said...

Gorgeous as always! I'll be ordering one of these for sure!

~Mastahh B~

David said...

waow! I love this one.... Need!