Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Logan Grimnar

Just a quick post to share some pictures of Logan Grimnar. I thought I had him finished a couple of weeks ago - but when I looked at him again there were quite a few things I was unhappy with, so I ended up re-painting some key elements. It's amazing what a fresh perspective you get on something after you haven't looked at it for a while...

I think the paint scheme came out okay - I made a conscious decision to keep the whole thing quite muted, so I used quite a lot of brown tones in the shading. It's a good way of taking the clean look out of the Space Wolf greys - which can look quite clinical and lifeless if kept plain.

I also originally had him marked down for a snow scene on the base - but decided to be different and went for a dusty, dry battlefield look.



David said...

Very nice. How did you make the wire mesh on the base? Is that a purchased component, greenstuff wrapped around a pin-vice, or what?

I know, I'm always asking you guys questions, but this blog can be a great source of tips and inspiration.

StudioMcVey said...

Hi David - no problem with the questions, ask as many as you like! It's actually just a little piece of copper mesh. I picked up a sheet of it years ago at a craft store. Not quite sure what it's designed for (I lost the packaging a long time ago) - maybe building armatures for clay sculpting? It's quite malleable and can be easily cut with wire clippers, or even sharp scissors.

Mastahh B said...

Inspirational! I may actually dig out my Logan fig and paint him up.

Tinweasel said...

Just a stab in the dark, but I'm guessing you didn't dig through the Space Marine Paint Set for this guy and use Blue Grey for a basecoat, Space Wolf Grey drybrushed on for highlights, and a Skull White/Space Wolf Grey mixture carefully blended onto the highest areas of the armor?

Ah well - he still looks very good. I think the brownish shading and the brown-based metallics suit him excellently!