Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Another one bites the dust.

Well we've just sold the last of our stock of Lt. Kara Black, making her the second sell out miniature in the Limited Edition resin line. Kara has been consistently popular since she released just under a year ago, and I always thought she was going to be the first to go - until we released Ar-Fienel who rushed past her in about half the time on sale.

If you missed buying Kara from us, and still want one, not all is lost - Coolminiornot still has some left in stock, but once those have gone that really is it - all 750 (save for our few personal copies) will be gone.

You're going to be seeing quite a bit more of Kara soon though - though it will be Captain Kara Black and the scale will be a little smaller. We just received the first small batch of resin castings of the Sedition Wars version of her - and they look absolutely great. Beautiful clean castings. We plan to have the first limited edition resins of the Sedition Wars miniatures on sale by the end of the month. The unlimited metal versions should be (reasonably) soon afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who bought her!

Just a quick update on Al-Vianna - we have just finished packing the latest batch of orders, and they will be shipped tomorrow. That should bring us up to date for orders we received up until this morning. Apologies for the delay in getting the orders out - she's been incredibly popular.


Edit - I forgot to say in the original post. We haven't forgotten about the prize draw for this miniature - we'll be picking a certificate number soon, and the winner will win the Studio painted version of the miniature. We'll announce that here when it happens.


David said...

CMoN is now sold out as well. So long Lieutenant Kara, but soon we'll be welcoming Captain Kara.

David said...

So, I just saw on CMoN that Mike is going to be in attendance at the Crystal Brush contest next spring, and in fact will be one of the judges.

Is Alison going to be there as well?