Thursday, 4 November 2010

Confirmed kill.

Just a quick update to share the latest of the Sedition Wars characters - Akosha Nama.

Akosha is the sniper currently attached to Captain Black's command group, and is equipped with a 713-Maglev gauss projectile rifle, and several 'special duty' rounds.

I'll be adding small bios for all the characters we've shown so far to the website when that finally goes live. We're aiming to have the limited Edition resins on sale before the end of the month - and they really will be quite limited, we don't plan to do resin runs anywhere near as large as the ones we do for the current Limited Edition range. Once the resins are gone they will only be available as metal castings.




Anonymous said...

Lovely model!

Just a quick question, When will be these models availables? Please excuse my bad english, is not my mother tongue.

Keep the great work! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I like this one as well.

I am curious will all the releases be characters (bit like GWs "Last Chancers") or will there be some ordinary grunts?

PowerMugen said...

I love this snipz !!!
They are my favourite character... Stealth assassin's mode !!

Nice mini !

Bob said...

"Limited Edition" - brings a chill to the heart of the completist...

Mike, have you thought about some sort of subscription or reservation service for those of us who aren't very organised?



Viktor Carlson, aka Sikil said...

I don't realy like resins anyways so I'll look forward to the metal casts with joy in heart!