Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Phase 1

I've shown some of the new Vanguard troopers, so it's time for some Strain love now! (that just sounds wrong.)

Here are the concepts for the Phase 1 Nerco-form Revenants. There will be more Phase 1 variants in the future that aren't based on necrotic hosts, but for now you'll have to make do with Space Zombies!

Here's a brief excerpt from the rule book about them -

A necrotic host acts as primary incubator and delivery vehicle for the Strain infection. Extremely dangerous in confined conditions, mobs of these creatures can overcome even the most disciplined trooper. Prehensile tendrils with injector barbs act as a delivery vehicle for infection. Rapid incubation results in 100% conversion rate of dead or dying infected. Any corpse found in the battlefield can become one of these in an instant.

Here are the miniatures - there are two variants going in the game at the moment - but we are closing in on the $100K stretch goal, and if that's hit, the third variant will go in there too (it's the one in the middle). You get 14 Phase 1 Nerco-forms in the game.



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Frontline Gamer said...

Mike I'm just so pleased this Kickstarter campaign is going so well for you. :)

Long may it continue, and here's to hoping you smash some kickstarter funding records.

I'd wish you Good luck but I don't think you need it.