Friday, 11 May 2012

Tentacles of Death!

New release time! This is the miniature we previewed at Salute (in very limited quantities), and is finally now ready for a proper release. We've wanted to do more 50s style pulp sci-fi miniatures since Beauty and the Bot, and this is the first. It's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this character came from - but I think the rendering is brilliant. Another stunning combination of concept and sculpt from Roberto Cirillo and Yannick Hennebo - both really nailed the look and feel we wanted from this piece.

I had hoped I could announce the Sedition Wars game was finished right about now, but it's not - quite... Very close though. It seems that that last 10% of any project contains the majority of the effort (and stress). We will have some announcements on the game in the next couple of weeks though - so stay tuned!

In not so great news, we have had to raise our postage rates. We have kept them the same for the last couple of years, despite Royal Mail raising them - but this time they put the prices up over 30%, so we have to raise the flat rate shipping charge.

News on Battle for Alabaster soon!



Frontline Gamer said...

I saw her at Salute and thought she looked utterly splendid!!!

Really cool idea for a mini.

Tartan Paint Studios said...

really nice miniature. Will you be releasing any more large scale ones like the Rhino soon?