Wednesday, 27 January 2010


The latest Limited Edition resin miniature is available now over at the main website!

I have been wanting to do a miniature with more of a fairy-tale feel for a while - something that looks quite innocent at first glance, but when you look a little more closely there's definitely a darker edge to the scene.

The initial illustration was by Steve Tappin, who's one of my oldest friends - I first met him at Games Workshop in 1987 when he was working in the art department. Some of the more 'mature' readers may remember his work from the original Rogue Trader and Realm of Chaos books. I'll be showing the drawing here in the next few days, and Steve has already completed a second concept for us, which is being sculpted at the moment.

The sculpt for this one is by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois - and I think it's just astounding. The detail has to be seen in real life to be believed. I plan to take a picture of the miniature with something next to it for scale - just to illustrate the size of the wood sprites. It's not just the detail though - the talent Jacques-Alexandre has for anatomy is second to none. Amazing work.

Pan's up for sale in the Studio Store right now. Hope you like him



Dominion Blog said...

Excellent mini! A photo with scale would be interesting.

I don't see him in the store though...

Elazar The Glorified said...

Awesome mini! I think I'll have to treat myself to one of these! :D