Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tiny Sprites!

I just took a quick picture of Pan with a penny next to it - I wanted to show just how tiny the Wood Sprites are and what an amazing job Jacques-Alexandre did with the sculpting. They even have facial expressions - the one looking up at his hand on the knife really looks shocked and scared!

Ali and I are talking about what sort of painting articles to do for this one - if you have any preferences, feel free to say so in the comments.




Paul Chana said...

Hi Mike,

I'd love to see a tutorial on how you did the base - No matter how hard i try my bases never look as 'real' as your does.. So... how did you get the leaves looking so realisitc??

Wisey said...
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Colin Wiseman said...

You and Alison get better every time you paint. Great work!

350kilotons said...

Awesome! As for articles, I second a basing tutorial/guide. I would also like to have some thoughts on how you choose which palette of colours as they always seem to suit whatever models you both paint perfectly.

Jorisch said...

Did you use a this kind of technique with the leaves?

Toosh said...

The leaves are definitely from a silver birch as per the Reaper article, but Alison also uses some H&A Ivy I think which is where the tendrils come from. They always look great :) but sadly the stuff from H&A is very difficult to get.

PS The model is awesome btw :)

StudioMcVey said...

Thanks for the comments! We will definitely do some basing tutorials (it's actually one of my favourite parts of the process).

As several people have pointed out, the leaves are from silver birch seeds. We got hold of a H&A Foliage bag years ago and it just seems to last for ever. We do also use the H&A Ivy - but that's just the birch seeds with a some rubberised horsehair that you tease out into strands. You can get the horsehair from here - - along with everything else you might need. It's a pretty amazing shop. Not sure if they have H&A though - you'll have to have a dig round.


Le snot à barbe said...

Another great work from JAG ! A sculptor of my personnal along Kev White, Thomas David and the grat Tom Meier. So when will you commission a sculpt from Mr Meier so I could A Mc Vey miniature from each of my prefered sculptors ? :)