Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sgt. Lorenzo

Here's the first painted miniature of the year - and it's one from Ali. We bought a copy of the Limited Edition Space Hulk box set last year - with the intention of painting some of the miniatures between projects. I painted Brother Goriel last year, and Ali just got round to finishing her first Terminator - Sgt. Lorenzo.

I think this is probably the best miniature in the box - it's hard to believe it's a plastic, the detail and animation are just beautiful. Unusually for Ali (or me for that matter), the metals are all non-metallic. While we are both pretty committed to using metallic paint in most instances, it's nice to change every now and again to keep things interesting. Ali thoughtthe fine details on this miniature would be better served if they were picked out with flat paint rather than metallics.

Can't argue with the results!

He's up for sale in the Studio Store on the main website if you're interested.

We are continuing to send out orders for Kara, and are slowly getting caught up (I think). Thanks to everyone for your patience with this, it's really appreciated. Even with the hold-ups with Kara, we still hope to have a new miniature out this month - the green (a truly amazing sculpt from JAG) is being mastered right now, and we hope to have studio copies to paint in the next few days.



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Roman aka jar said...

Awesome paintjob! I love every inch, my personal favorite area are the freehands part on the cloak... stunning! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman