Thursday 28 January 2010

Tiny Sprites!

I just took a quick picture of Pan with a penny next to it - I wanted to show just how tiny the Wood Sprites are and what an amazing job Jacques-Alexandre did with the sculpting. They even have facial expressions - the one looking up at his hand on the knife really looks shocked and scared!

Ali and I are talking about what sort of painting articles to do for this one - if you have any preferences, feel free to say so in the comments.



Wednesday 27 January 2010


The latest Limited Edition resin miniature is available now over at the main website!

I have been wanting to do a miniature with more of a fairy-tale feel for a while - something that looks quite innocent at first glance, but when you look a little more closely there's definitely a darker edge to the scene.

The initial illustration was by Steve Tappin, who's one of my oldest friends - I first met him at Games Workshop in 1987 when he was working in the art department. Some of the more 'mature' readers may remember his work from the original Rogue Trader and Realm of Chaos books. I'll be showing the drawing here in the next few days, and Steve has already completed a second concept for us, which is being sculpted at the moment.

The sculpt for this one is by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois - and I think it's just astounding. The detail has to be seen in real life to be believed. I plan to take a picture of the miniature with something next to it for scale - just to illustrate the size of the wood sprites. It's not just the detail though - the talent Jacques-Alexandre has for anatomy is second to none. Amazing work.

Pan's up for sale in the Studio Store right now. Hope you like him


Thursday 14 January 2010

Sgt. Lorenzo

Here's the first painted miniature of the year - and it's one from Ali. We bought a copy of the Limited Edition Space Hulk box set last year - with the intention of painting some of the miniatures between projects. I painted Brother Goriel last year, and Ali just got round to finishing her first Terminator - Sgt. Lorenzo.

I think this is probably the best miniature in the box - it's hard to believe it's a plastic, the detail and animation are just beautiful. Unusually for Ali (or me for that matter), the metals are all non-metallic. While we are both pretty committed to using metallic paint in most instances, it's nice to change every now and again to keep things interesting. Ali thoughtthe fine details on this miniature would be better served if they were picked out with flat paint rather than metallics.

Can't argue with the results!

He's up for sale in the Studio Store on the main website if you're interested.

We are continuing to send out orders for Kara, and are slowly getting caught up (I think). Thanks to everyone for your patience with this, it's really appreciated. Even with the hold-ups with Kara, we still hope to have a new miniature out this month - the green (a truly amazing sculpt from JAG) is being mastered right now, and we hope to have studio copies to paint in the next few days.



Monday 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish all our friends a Happy New Year!

2009 was an exciting year for us - we launched the miniatures range six months ago and it's exceeded all our expectations. We set out to produce the very best miniature we could, and hopefully we are doing just that - personally, I am proud of every miniature we have released so far. We got a nice little recognition of the range so far when our miniatures were nominated for Readers and Editors awards - hopefully next year we'll be able to go one better and grab one of the prizes!

We have plans to continue the Limited Edition series of miniatures in 2010, as well as release some other things that are top secret at the moment! More details will follow here when we are ready to talk about it.

Just a quick note about Kara - If you have already placed an order I would ask that you continue to be patient with us, we are still a little behind with filling orders and shipping them. This miniature has proved a great deal more popular than we anticipated! The Christmas break and holiday mail delays also haven't helped... We are getting through them though, and ship orders as soon as we have stock in. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for reading this blog for the last year - we hope to make it an even more worthwhile place to visit for miniature lovers in 2010.