Friday 29 April 2011

The Blight Witch

We previewed this miniature ay Salute a couple of weeks ago, and she proved to be very popular - she is now on general release in the Studio Store!

As I mentioned in the previous post - this miniature is from an original concept by Shannon Tindle. As Shannon works as a character designer in the animation industry, we wanted to draw on some of the themes and design ideas that you might come across in that field. So drawing on some of the dramatic theatricality you might see in early Disney films, he came up with this. I'm going to be painting a version of this miniature myself and will be sharing a little painting diary here (and on the forums) in the coming weeks.

I think JAG has done an amazing job of capturing the slightly stylised nature of the concept while still retaining his realistic rendering - I'll be showing Shannon's concept art here shortly so you can judge for yourselves.



Tuesday 12 April 2011

Salute 2011

This Saturday is Salute 2011 at the Excel Center in London. Last year was our first show as Studio McVey and we had a great time - Ali even managed to win best in show at the painting Competition with her Ar-Fienel. Things have been so busy lately that she hasn't had the chance to put another entry together, but we will have some new and exciting miniatures there for you to buy.

First up is the Blight Witch. This is going to release properly next week, but we are going to have castings to sell at the show. This is yet another great sculpt from Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, this time from a concept by Shannon Tindle. Shannon is one of the genius character designers who worked on Coraline (amongst other things), but he's a miniatures guy too, and it was a real pleasure to work with him on this one. I'm quite sure it won't be the last piece he'll do for Studio McVey. I'll be showing his beautiful concept here when the Blight Witch officially releases next week. JAG and Thomas David (who sculpted Vitharr and Sharro for us) will actually be in the booth right next to ours at Salute.

We will also have two new Limited Edition Resin miniatures from the Sedition Wars line. We have previewed Vokker here recently, but we will also have a Vanguard male trooper on sale. Both these miniatures will be available in strictly limited numbers though - the full LE resin runs will only be between 50 and 75 copies of each. After that they will only be available as metal castings.

Speaking of Sedition Wars - we will be releasing the metal castings of the first five Firebrand rebel miniatures at Salute, I'm not sure how many of each will will have though. Up until now, these have only been available as Limited Edition resins, but from now on they will be available as unlimited metal castings.

There is one final thing - but as I'm not 100% sure we'll have it ready in time, I'm going to keep it as a surprise. If we do have castings there - they will be in very limited quantity, so you'd better come and see us early just in case...!

So lots of new stuff! The really good news is that we will be running special Salute only prices - and almost everything in the Studio McVey ranges will be included.

We are also going to have Daral from ElodieMae with us - and will be selling his miniatures and bases on our stand.

We're at stand TG03 (right next to the painting comp stage) hope to see you there!