Wednesday 7 December 2011


After not releasing any Limited Edition resin miniatures for nearly two months - we now have another following hot on the heels of Azumi. Kifaro is just about as different as you can get from Azumi too! A huge and hulking beast, he stands twice the height (and several times the width!) of most of the other miniatures in the range - over 65mm tall, and ten times the weight in resin of our last release.

It's a beautiful sculpt though, one of Allan Carrasco's finest I think - with a naturalness of pose and level detail that are very rare at this scale.

I had hoped to get two more new releases out before Christmas - but this will be the last. We have some great stuff coming though - for both the LE line and the Sedition Wars range, so watch out in the new year.

Just in time for Christmas, we have also added the option to buy gift certificates from the studio store - just look in the bottom right on the hame page of the store.

If you are still waiting for your castings of Azumi - don't worry they are on their way. The demand for that figure took us by surprise, and we've been struggling to keep pace with the orders. We have castings in stock though, and are working through the orders as quickly as possible - thanks for your patience!