Thursday 17 February 2011

Brute bodyguard

I've just added a new miniature to the Sedition Wars website, and the Studio Store. This is the Limited Edition resin version of the Jaggernat Heavy - and it is a very limited run. We're only going to cast 75 of them in resin and when they are gone, it won't be available again until the metal version launches in the coming months (not quite sure when this one will be out, but it wont be for a little while).

It's a brute of a miniature - standing 45mm tall and very nearly as wide. He comes with a 40mm scenic resin base - and that will be available separately in resin when the metal Jaggernat launches.

Quick update on the metal range - It's looking like the very end of this month or the very beginning of march for the first group of Vanguard castings.



Thursday 10 February 2011

Firebrand concepts and metal update

I've been meaning to post these Firebrand concepts for quite a while now - great drawings by Steve Tappin. He's concepts a couple more too - one of which is sculpted and awaiting painting, the other is currently being sculpted.

Finally some news on the metal release. The first batch of Vanguard miniatures (which are currently only available in resin) are currently being cast and I should be releasing them in the next two week - might even be sooner. The casting quality looks great and we're just working out the pricing.

The resin stocks are also getting low in the store for the Vanguard LE resin miniatures, here's what we have left in the store (after which they will only be available in metal). I'm taking the resin range out of the store once the metals are available - if we have any left we'll probably just sell them at conventions.

Captain Kara Black - 18
Morgan Vade - 4 - EDIT - this is now out of stock and won't be available until the metal range launches.
Akosha Nama - 14
Barker Zosa (he will be available in two different configurations in metal, one with each weapon variant) - 16
Trooper with Las Carbine - 14
Trooper with Multi Launcher - 14

The same will be true of the Firebrand resins - once the metals are available, I'll take the resins out of the store. They won't be in metal for at least six weeks though.