Thursday 13 May 2010

Salute and status update

Sorry things have been quiet from Studio McVey for the last couple of weeks, truth be told it's been incredibly busy for us, and it's been hard to find the time to post.

Salute was a really great event for us - it's was a tremendously busy day and we had a great deal of fun meeting people we had only previously talked to online. Ali entered the painting competition (her first ever!), and managed to win the overall prize with her Studio version of Ar-Fienel. I was absolutely speechless when she walked back to the booth with arms full of prizes - I just wish I'd taken a picture, the look on her face was priceless! There are a couple of small pictures on the Salute site if you click the 2010 winners link.

Right after Salute we had Adam and Anna from Kingdom Death staying with us for a couple of days - great people and they are making a wonderful job on their miniatures. Quite inspiring to see some fresh ideas.

I'm actually writing this from the US - we're spending a little time over here on some work matters, so we have temporarily re-located Studio McVey here for a couple of weeks. It shouldn't make much difference to orders - except people who order from the US will get orders quicker, and people who order from Europe will get them a little slower. Apologies if you are adversely affected by this arrangement - it's strictly temporary and normal service will be resumed soon!

We are a little behind with filling orders though - Ar-Fienel has been extremely popular and it's been hard to keep pace. The last two months have been great for us - first Isabella and now the new release have both gone down really well. That's the problem with us being such a small operation (just Ali and I!) - when things go well it can be a struggle to keep up. We're not far behind though - just a few days in fact, and I certainly hope to have all outstanding orders filled before the end of the week. We have increased our production capacity quite a lot too - so I certainly think we'll never see the sort of delays we had with Kara again!

As always - thanks for your patience and understanding if your order takes just a little longer to get to you than normal.

I plan to update the blog a few times in the next week. I have a few things I want to show here - the concept art for Ar-Fienel, some more shots of Ali's painted version, and some pictures of next month's release. Pictures of Y'Sala have already made it online - taken at Salute, so I have been meaning to show some official pictures. I'll definitely get to that soon - she's an amazing piece and I'm excited to share some pictures of her.

cheers for now!