Friday 19 August 2011

Isabella - dark

Ali has been posting pictures of two different versions of Isabella on the forums - one with a light colour scheme and one with a dark scheme. Here is the finished dark version.

Isabella was the third miniature in the range to sell out, and I think she has always held a special place in Ali's affections as she created the concept. She was supposed to be a loose cross between a Bond Girl and a character from His Dark Materials. Sounds strange, but I think it's a great miniature.

She's up on eBay for those who are interested.

Things have been pretty manic here since I got back from GenCon - I'm planning a post all about that soon, but I will say that it was a great show, and the response to the Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster demos was fantastic. Roll on GenCon 2012!



Thursday 4 August 2011

The Strain have been released!

The first eight Strain miniatures are in the Studio Store now!

At GenCon now and about to start demoing the Battle for Alabaster rules.

More news later!


Tuesday 2 August 2011

Phase 4 Heavy Exoform

Here's the big-daddy of the Strain exoforms (for now at least!) - The Grendlr. All of the sculpts for the Strain miniatures are amazing, but this one is just stunning - a sci-fi horror masterpiece by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois. The Phase 1 sculpts are all by Remy Tremblay, and the Phase 2 and 3 are by Yannick Hennebo - both have excelled themselves with these I think. Brilliant work all round.

The plan is to have all of the Strain miniatures available on the Studio Store this week - most likely Thursday. I'll send out a newsletter when they are in the store and try and post here as well. They are going to be cast in resin to start with, they may not be limited edition, but they will be available for a limited time initially - I'll post more details when I get back from GenCon. We have tried to keep the prices of the resin castings down as low as we possibly can - but it's an expensive process to produce high quality resin castings, so they will be a little more expensive than the metal Sedition Wars miniatures. The quality of casting is amazing though, and all the horrible detail really shines through!

All the Strain miniatures will be available as metal castings at GenCon at the Coll Mini or Not booth - 849 (along with me!)

Off to GenCon today, in a few hours in fact. Please do come along and try out the game if you are there - it's a very early version of the rules, so you'll be doing us a favour by helping out with the play-testing! We are going to have some really nice posters to give away (with a play surface/map on them) if you buy miniatures or try the game. We'll also have all the Studio McVey painted miniatures there on display.



Monday 1 August 2011

Phase 3 Exoforms

Here are the two Phase 3 Strain Exoforms we'll be pre-releasing this week - there are larger pictures over on the Sedition Wars site. The Scythe Witch is a whirl of blades and death, and Brimstone is a walking heavy weapons platform. They will be on sale at both GenCon (booth 849) and in the Studio Store. Tomorrow we'll be showing the painted Phase 4 heavy Exoform - The Grendlr.