Wednesday 25 August 2010


That's it - Ar-Fienel is completely sold out from the Studio Store. The only place you're going to get one now is from coolminiornot - I sent them a small re-stock last week and I don't think they will have received them yet. Should be today or tomorrow though.

After they are gone she will be officially sold out!

As I said in the previous post - we're sad to see her disappear from the range, but happy she's been so popular.



Friday 13 August 2010

Going, going... Nearly gone.

Well I have just sent out the 700th Ar-Fienel (and have a few more orders for her left to fill), so that officially means we have less than 50 castings left before the entire run of 750 will be gone. We always keep numbers 1-10 (for the sculptor, studio painting copies, and a rainy day), but we won't be selling what's left of those any time soon.

She's been phenomenally successful considering she was only released in late April - passing the high water mark set by Kara Black (who is not too far behind in sales...) about a month ago. It'll be sad to loose her from the range, but we're delighted to have our first sell-out miniature.

So this is just a warning - if you want an Ar-Fienel, you'd better move quite quickly, as I don't expect the current stock to last too long.



Thursday 5 August 2010


I've just updated the main website and store with the latest release in our Limited Edition resin range. Y'Sidyra is a seven-piece resin kit, and I think it's our most exciting and dynamic release so far. I particularly love the movement of the miniature - he looks both active and balanced at the same time - quite a difficult thing to pull off in a sculpt.

This is Yannick's forth sculpt for us - and I think they just keep getting better and better. The base is a work or art in it's own right!

Ali's painted version is extremely striking - and the Japanese inspired colour scheme really suits the sculpt. She took plenty of pictures of this one while she was painting it, so we'll have no excuse for lack of tutorials this time. Hopefully we'll have the first early next week. The painted version is on Coolminiornot - please show it some love!

Pictures of the resin and concept art will follow soon.



Tuesday 3 August 2010


This week sees GenCon 2010 kicking off in Indianapolis,USA. Unfortunately Studio McVey won't be attending this year's show in person, but we'll be there in spirit. Coolminiornot will be the exclusive stockist of the Studio McVey Limited Edition miniature range, and should have all of them available at their booth. They will also have a few of the Studio painted miniatures in their display cabinets. Check out their booth - #826 in the back of the Exhibitor's hall.

If you've never been before - GenCon is quite an amazing event. Four days of non-stop gaming (literally, there's always something on, day or night). Hopefully we'll be able to have our own booth in the coming years - but for the moment, make sure you stop by the Coolminiornot booth and have a look at our miniatures.