Sunday 31 July 2011

Phase 2 Protoform

Following on from the pictures of the Phase 1 Necroforms, here are the images of the painted Phase 2 Strain miniatures. These troopers are created when the Strain nano virus infects a living victim. As the virus takes over the host, it starts to shed away unwanted organic material and begins to form into a different, more deadly construct.

More soon!


Phase 1 Necroforms

Here are the final painted images on the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms - pretty nasty stuff! The rest of the phases are well under way and I might even be posting the painted phase 2 miniatures later today.

These (and all the others) will be pre-releasing at GenCon 2011 this coming week (4th - 7th August). We will also have them for sale at the same time in the Studio Store.



Friday 29 July 2011

Phase 4

This is the final preview of the current Strain line - the big-daddy Phase 4 Grendlr. Ali showed a sneak peak of the painting of this over on the Facebook page - it's quite a beast. Really amazing sculpt (as they all are!) - and Beasts of War guys will be showing an exclusive preview of all the sculpts and original concept some time today.

Just a few days left to go before GenCon - we'll be showing the painted miniatures between now and then and giving all the details of the game preview. Still lots to do!



Wednesday 27 July 2011


Phase 3 Strain Exoforms come in many different forms - they vary from the fast and agile 'Scythe Witch' we showed yesterday, to the fully weaponised construct that is 'Brimstone'. Heavily armoured and capable of devastating dark matter attacks.

Check back here tomorrow when we reveal the terrifying Phase 4 Heavy Exoform.


Tuesday 26 July 2011

Phase 3

Here is the first of the Phase 3 Strain we'll be releasing - The Scythe Witch. At this point the Exoform is fully developed into is target manifestation, and the cellular material of the original host has been combined with none-organic materials to create a deadly killing machine.

Phase three Strain can develop into many and varied exoforms, and tomorrow we'll be showing another example.


Monday 25 July 2011

Phase 2

It's been longer than I planned since I posted the last of these, so I'm going to have to pack the updates in this week. Just 10 days to go until GenCon and still so much left to do....

Check back here and on the forums regularly!



Monday 11 July 2011

The Dark Emissary

I'm a few days late with posting news on the new release on the blog - but things are pretty busy right now. There's only three weeks to go to GenCon and the amount of preparation still to do is frightening - we're very excited about showing off the new miniatures and previewing the game though.

Anyway - back to The Dark Emissary! Ali and I both really love this piece. It's from a Sam Wood concept and is yet another stunning sculpt from Yannick Hennebo - his eighth for the Limited Edition resin range (with more to come!). We wanted to have something really dark and brooding in the line - and this one has that in spades. It comes complete with two head and weapon variant parts - and I can't decide if I like the bare head or helmet best. I liked the non-helmet better when the sculpt came in. but now it's painted I think I like the helmet version better.

Available now in the Studio Store.

It's the biggest piece we've done so far too - towering over everything else - even Ruby. He's just over 60mm tall (without the base).


Lots of updates to come in the coming weeks - more concepts for the Strain first, then pictures of the sculpts - and finally the painted versions. We're really happy with how they are coming out and can't wait to share them with you.



Wednesday 6 July 2011

The Strain

I've been talking about this a little on the Studio McVey forums, but I thought I would show the latest concept preview here (as well as the first two).

I am going to be at GenCon this year (August 4th to 7th) previewing the first Sedition Wars game - Battle for Alabaster. It's going to be a very early version of the rules, and the plan is to release them online for download and open up a section of the forums for people to give their feedback and get involved. We want to make sure that we are totally happy with the rules before we publish the finished game - the last thing we want to do it release rules that people don't like.

Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster is going to be a tile based board game, quick and bloody to play, and hopefully exciting and fun. It features a battle between the Colonial Vanguard and a totally new faction - The Strain. We'll be talking more about the Strain in the next few weeks in the run up to GenCon - they are a constantly evolving robotic nano virus who's only objective seems to be to replicate and spread across the galaxy.

The Phase one exoforms (shown below) are where the virus has colonised an already dead host, so the use of the vessel is limited to hunting down and infecting new hosts. The Phase two exoform is an early evolution of a living host - The Strain has started to re-purpose both cellular and non-organic material to evolve into a more useful and deadly form.

We'll be revealing what happens with the Phase three and Phase four exoforms in the next few weeks.

We are going to have a lot of previews during July - and then in early August we will have preview copies of the miniatures (in resin) available in the studio store, to coincide with the release of the alpha version of the rules.