Wednesday 23 November 2011


Well it's been quite some time since the last blog post - and quite some time since the last LE resin release, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone!

Azumi is release number 21 in the LE resin series - of course some of those are sold out (Lt Kara Black, Isabella and Ar-Fienel), and another couple are close (one very close...). We have some exciting miniatures on the way though - and if all goes to plan, we should have another two releases out before Christmas.

Azumi is available now in the Studio Store.

Azumi is one we're really pleased with - the concept she comes from was fantastic - it's another great piece from Roberto Cirillo, and I'll post it here some time soon. Yannick (again!) was the sculptor - and delivered his usual amazing work. I'll post some pictures of the resin, so you can see the mind-blowing detail he captured.

In other studio news - we have been hard at work behind the scene on the Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster game, so expect some updates and news on that in the new year (if not before).