Friday 23 April 2010


New release time!

Members of the mailing list got to see this yesterday (and it's already made it on to quite a few forums!) - but here is April's release - Ar-Fienel.

We're absolutely delighted with this miniature - it's a great addition to the Studio McVey range. This is Yannick Hennebo's first sculpt for us, and it certainly won't be his last. The concept is from Steve Tappin, and with all the fine detail he put into it, I almost wish we could have done her in a larger scale - 54mm Studio McVey miniatures...? One day maybe.

I'm going to keep this short as we are rushing round like crazy, getting ready for Salute - we leave in a couple of hours and still have a frightening amount left to do. Hope to see some of you there!



Tuesday 20 April 2010


Salute is this Saturday (April 23rd), and it's going to be Studio McVey's first show. Both Ali and I are super-excited about it, and we've been really busy getting ready. We'll have all the miniatures in the range available and a couple of new ones... The first will be the new release for this month - that will officially go on sale on Friday, and we'll be taking stock to the show. We will also have a number (not quite sure how many yet) of preview copies of May's release - and that's actually going to be two miniatures that go together in a set. I don't want to spoil the fun by saying anything further about it - except we think it's petty great (but there again I would say that...).

We'll have all the studio painted miniatures on display, including the new releases - in fact Ali is sitting next to me putting the finishing touches to one of them as I type.

Please come and say hello if you're going to be there - we're at booth TG12 towards the back of the hall.

See you there!


Monday 19 April 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates recently - things have been pretty full-on at Studio McVey lately. I thought I would share a recent commission piece (actually I painted it last year, but only just got round to sorting out the pictures). Abaddon is one of those classic GW miniatures which I've never painted before - it was interesting to paint, though it's always a bit of a struggle to cope with all that surface detail and reach a coherent look. I wanted the scheme to be quite muted and am happy with the results - though not the pictures, metallics are always difficult to photograph successfully.

In other news - we are running a little behind with orders at the moment. Isabella has proved to be really popular, and it's been difficult to keep up with demand. Production is going well though, and I certainly don't foresee the sort of delays we had with Kara (who we now have stock for - hurray!). I'm off down to see our resin caster today to pick up more stock, and see where we are with the new miniatures (yes I said miniatures). Once I know exactly where we are I will be announcing our plans for Salute - so check back tomorrow).



Friday 2 April 2010

Irregular magazine

Just a quick bit of shameless self-promotion. The latest issue of Irregular Magazine is available to download, and I contributed an interview to this issue. Despite that it's a great read!

- check it out.