Tuesday 5 February 2013

Female Samaritans - Assembly

There are two different female bodies included in bag 4 - one wearing a helmet and one with a bare head. The bare headed version is designed to take the las carbine, and the helmeted version is primarily designed to take the special weapons, though it will also take the las carbine perfectly well. I have found it's easy to make the guns fit any of the miniatures with just a little trimming to the right shoulder, and in some cases a tiny re-positioning of the left arm with hot water (method here).

The special weapons for these miniatures are found in bag 3, on the sprues that also contain the Reaver arm and weapon.

Each miniature comes in two pieces - the body and the weapon. Here are all the parts together - including the weapons still on the sprues.

Before I assembled any of the miniatures, I dry fitted the parts I was working with to check the fit. If there needed to be any adjustment of the left arm, I did that first and then glued the pieces. The las Carbine fitted very well on the body with bare head, and the Lancer special weapon fitted well on the helmet body.

The other weapon combinations go together in exactly the same way - here's the body with no helmet assembled as a Grenadier.