Friday 24 October 2008


Okay - managed to find the time to size some images of the finished piece! This one was quite a lot of work - there is just so much fine texture to paint, and it takes a while to tie it all together... I'm pretty happy with the finished result though - it's quite close to what I set out to achieve.

I like the miniature so much better than the original (he's sitting in the display case on my desk) which I painted for the packaging over ten years ago. I converted the miniature a little - I just didn't like the placement of the bow across the left leg, it really ruins the line of the miniature. I cut the bow away from the quiver, re-built it, and positioned it behind the back. I think that works far better for the pose, adding to the flow and energy.

I wanted quite a fresh, spring-like palette of colours, but added some flesh tones into the skin to give some warmth.

This was my first Warhammer miniature for quite a while and I would love to paint some more - especially after seeing all the new Warriors of Chaos stuff...


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PinkTerror said...

Awesome as always Mike. Very different than the models I use to drool over during your highlight popping and "red period" around in the White Dwarf 200s. You can definitely see in the leaves (on the back) how they go from dark green to just green. Whereas your old style went from black/dark-angel-green to skull white. I personally still like that style better, but I appreciate the complexity and skill you've achieved in the "new" style.