Thursday 24 September 2009

Broga finished

Sorry for the delay with posting the rest of this article - things got a little busy with the release of Seraphine...

Here's my version of Broga finished. There wasn't really a massive amount left to do after the last stage - add the freehand design to the cloth, paint the back of the cloak, detail the face, and paint the shield.

I did originally plan to take stage by stage photos of the freehand design - but once I started painting it, I don't think I moved (of breathed) until it was finished. I do plan to do an article about freehand at some stage though.

I decided on a different take on the shield - it's supposed to be made from dragon bone and scales for extra protection from fire attacks. I wanted to make it look like bone - but with a slightly strange colour cast to it. I painted it quite a warm colour initially - and then shaded it down with quite a lot of blue.

I really enjoyed painting this miniature - it suits my painting strengths I think. Next up is Seraphine - and after Ali's version I am a little unsure about how to approach the colour scheme. It's a hard act to follow!



David said...

Very nice. I do have a couple of thoughts:
1) He hunts silver dragons? What is he, some kind of evil hunter of good dragons? For shame!
2) Are the rivets on his shield also made of bone?
3) It looks like you have some unpainted resin showing around the bottom of the base edge.
4) Is the mottled affect around the bottom of his cloak—the back part, where it fades from black to gray—really there, or is it an artifact of the photo? If it's real, how did you get it? I'm about to attempt something similar on Werner Klocke's Time Witch, and I'm not quite sure how to go about it.

David said...

Also, I notice that you, too, decided to go with a red, white, and black color scheme. *grin*

StudioMcVey said...

@David -
1 - He hunts any dragon he gets paid for!
2 - Well if the dragon bone is supposed to resist dragon fire, adding metal rivets wouldn't be very useful...
3 - I saw that on the photos too and have since touched it up, along with a few other things...
4 - It's painted. It's built up slowly by stippling the paint on in layers. Each layer is applied very thin - not much more than a glaze really. I lightened the colour very slightly each time too, and applied it closer to the edge of the cloak. I'll try and take a better picture of that area and show it here - it needs viewing from above really.