Thursday 25 September 2008

New Work

I just added this little vignette to the Available Works section of the Studio McVey website, so I thought I would post a couple of larger pictures here. As I said on the main site, this is a follow-on to The Rock Diorama that I made while I worked at GW. That piece is on display (along with sever other dioramas I made for them) in the fantastic GW Museum.

I really enjoyed painting these two miniatures, even though they are pretty old now, they have really stood the test of time and the sculpts still feel fresh. I wanted a simple scene that showed the next part of the story from the diorama - Azrael has finished his devotions in the temple, and has stepped out onto a small balcony to rally the troops gathered below.

Both Alison and I are currently working on new pieces (I'm on my third 40K miniature in a row...), and we should be posting new images here and on the main site  - check back soon


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