Friday 5 September 2008


Just finished this commission piece last night so I thought I would share it here. My painting is pretty rusty at the moment so it was far more of a struggle than it should have been - I got the colour scheme nailed down very quickly, but the execution gave me some problems!

I wanted something a little more subtle and tasteful than the normal Harlequin coloul schemes - and I figures as this was called a 'Shadow'seer, the colors should at least reflect that. One of the early versions had runic designs down the light green strips of fabric on either side of the legs - in fact two of the earlier versions did, I ended up re-painting them as I was unhappy with the execution before scrapping the idea and painting over them completely. I just thought the designs interfered with the flow of the miniature - sounds a bit arty I know, but I think there is so much going on with the design and detail of the miniature itself, that too much free-hand just creates visual confusion.

I'm pretty happy with the finished result - I really like the new Harlequins (I've always been a sucker for Eldar) and this is the second one I've painted.

I've got a few things on the go at present - but a vignette of Grand Master Azrael is top of the list, so hopefully I'll get that finished soon and share it here.


KelRiever said...

So its not lonely on these pages, I'd like to say its a fine job, and while you may be rusty, for those of us in hobby-level painting world, it is plenty fine. Glad to see your commission work still going as well. The 'gems' (including the mask) and the diamond-pattern are particularly nice.

Mananarepublic said...

Mike - you've always been my favorite painter and you are not rusty in execution at all!

Craig E. said...

Sorry if this is a little delayed, but I think that this Shadowseer is one of my favorite models I've seen of your work. The color scheme, while somewhat muted, is most beautiful and harmonic. The base is also very nicely done, with the stonework looking nicely aged and overgrown. It's extreme quality work, and inspiring to us in the hobby level.

The fact that you and your wife work together so well on so many pieces is fantastic. You're lucky to have such a wonderful passion in common!