Wednesday 12 August 2009

Assembling and painting The Raven Priest pt. 6

Just a really quick update on the Raven Priest stage by stage. I'm doing the next stage as Ali's busy painting something else. I just painted the belt and head-piece this time - they are both the same colour so it made sense to combine the painting. As with a lot of areas on this miniature - a little painting goes a long way, and the trick is to use the detail that's on the miniature to your advantage. I wanted the belt to have an ancient, antique feel so I painted is quite a faded gold with greenish shading.

1 - The base coat was a mix of Shining Gold, deep (warm) brown and a spot of silver. This was applied very sparingly to avoid filling the detail at all. You have to be especially careful of this when using metallic paint - the metal flakes can easily fill fine lines.

2 - The next step was to apply a wash to bring out the detail. This was a mix of dark green paint and a spot of turquoise ink. I added a little matte medium to get rid of any shine from the ink, and make it stick better in the details.

3 - I used the base colour to bring out the definition again. When picking out fine work like the raised design, it can be best to use the side of a brush rather than the tip.

4-5 - These two stages show the highlights being applied. I added silver to the base coat for each successive layer. The lightest highlights are applied to the very top of the sculpted design and the upper edge of the belt.

6 - The final step was to use a little brown ink to give deep shading at the bottom of the belt and all the way round it. This really helps to give some depth and bring out the shape.

That's it for this stage!


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