Wednesday 9 December 2009

Lt. Kara Black

I've just added the latest miniature in our Limited Edition resin series to the Studio Store over on the main website! The latest miniature is our first non-fantasy release - we're delighted with how she came out, and it's a subject we certainly plan to explore further in future releases. The concept was by Sam Wood, and Kev White sculpted her in stunning detail.

I particularly like the pose of this piece - depicting her in the midst of a fierce fight with an unknown assailant - the recoil from her gun kicking her backwards. Kara is scarred and bleeding, but undaunted! She comes complete with a scenic base insert showing some great details - like her discarded helmet and a slime covered skull.

I have another painted version on the way - and that will hopefully be shown here in the next few days. Ali and I also plan to collaborate on painting another miniature, which we will show in stage by stage form on the blog. I'll also be showing the original concept here soon.




Anonymous said...

I'll be ordering mine this weekend!

mathieu said...

The model is gorgeous, and the base makes it stand out very nicely. Yet another great miniature from your studio!

Dominion Blog said...

Great miniature again from Kev. So much detail and character.

Of course I've already ordered (and caught up on the last 2 as well).

AJ said...

Love the new non-fantasy take. This is totally awesome.

dwartist said...

Received today! many thanks - what a superb miniature(s)! Everything about it is as good as it could be - sculpting, casting (I can't find a mould line), presentation, customer service - the list goes on. This must be one of the best minis in this scale and would stand comparison to some of the best 54mm or even 90mm miniatures. Sadly I'm not a fantasy fan or I'd have some of your other minis but if there's any Lt Black left I'll have a couple more. Cheers, David

The Black Knight said...

How is this model available at the moment? I know the resins are OOP, but are we going to see metals soon? I am drooling and wanting my own copy!!!