Thursday 25 February 2010


Sorry things have been quiet for the last few weeks - I have been working on a couple of blog posts (a tutorial for Pan's base being one of them), but just haven't found the time to get them finished. In the mean time here's something far more exciting - a new miniature release!

I've just added Sharro to the Studio Store on the main website - she was sent out as a preview to members of the mailing list yesterday, but now she's on general release. This miniature is a little different from the others in our Limited Edition series - she's 32mm scale rather than 35 for a start. I felt she wanted to be a little finer and more delicate than our other miniatures - to me it just matched the character of the concept.

Taking of the concept - Sharro is based on a beautiful piece of artwork by Chippy, and we'll be showing that here in the next few days. The art has got a great feel to it - it's not clear if the figure shown is a human with cybernetic enhancements, or an android. The slightly stylised feel of Thomas's sculpt captures that really well I think.

Unbelievably good paint job by Ali as well - it doesn't really come across in the picture just how small and fine the miniature is, but when you see the actual model, it's hard to believe how she has got all that fine detail into the painting. I'll show a scaling picture some time soon.

She doesn't come with a scenic base - the one we put her on is by Daral Jones and it's just perfect for her. Daral will be selling a range of scenic resin bases from his website - and I'll post a link here as soon as he's ready to launch. The detail on his work has to be seen to be believed - stunning.




Orb said...

I was in 2 minds about this figure but she's growing on me.....

slightly uncomfortable about the raised arm but there is no doubting the finesse of the piece.

Very glad to see the unpainted resin picture - think that may help in my decision making

CMDante said...

Another great sculpt, and as you say, incredible paintjob by Ali!

I actually quite like the pose. She looks like shes sneaking with back against a wall, or keeping a small profile in a bit of a ranged duel.