Friday 4 June 2010

Y'Sala resin

I thought I would share a shot of Y'Sala on her own so you can see the details all the way round, it's a amazingly detailed sculpt. I find the detail on the top of the stocking particularly astonishing. Someone asked me if the clothing was press-mouded, and I can tell you that none of it is - Yannick sculpted the whole thing traditionally. Pretty amazing... I've also got a single picture of Darkness that I will post here soon.

Just a quick shipping update - as of today we're up to date with orders placed before we released Y'Sala, so if you are waiting for something from before then - it's on the way to you. We'll start shipping out orders for Y'Sala either today or Monday, and there shouldn't be any delays after that. We have plenty of stock of everything, and now we're back in the Studio, we'll get back to regular shipping procedures.



1 comment:

mathieu said...

So many tiny belts and yet every single one is amazingly detailed. Yannick isn't human.