Thursday 7 October 2010

Captain Kara Black

Just a really quick post to show a rear view of the new Captain Kara Black miniature along with the original concept art. The concept is by Sam Wood (who did the original Kara concept). Sam drew the concepts for all of the first release, and they were all sculpted by Kev White (who sculpted the original Kara) - there's nothing like a bit of consistency!

We've had a really great response since we announced the new range, thanks to everyone who commented here or on other forums - I'm even more excited about this project now than I was before, I hope we can live up the the expectation.

The initial release of miniatures is going to feature this version of Kara, and the other members of her specialist team of Colonial Vanguard troops. I'll be previewing the other miniatures here in the next few weeks - starting with Corpsman Morgan Vade, the squad's medical officer, who I will be showing here early next week.

I've been working with a lot of talented people on this project so far, and I'll get round to talking about all of them in future blog posts, but I just wanted to start by thanking Tears of Envy for her great design work on the logo and other elements she has worked on. Whether you know it or not, you will more than likely have seen Tammy's work on other amazing gaming industry products, such as Incursion. Check out the fantastic work she has just done on her print and play game - Dune Express.

talk to you soon!



Anonymous said...

Good to see the other view - looks like a nice figure.

"over the next few weeks"! -

We need the details much quicker than that.

Any chance of some more information (how many figures in the release? Are they all human(oid) etc?

And for me probably the most important - how long 'til we see the metal versions?


Chevalier de la Terre said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with: will follow with much interest :)


Unknown said...

Awesome news...can't wait to see what else is in the pipeline!

mathieu said...

Consistency is what a lot of miniature ranges lack these days. I really like this attention to details of yours!

dwartist said...

Ah, she's Lt. Black?! Did her encounter with that huge, ferocious looking beast result in the loss of her right arm?
Really looking forward to the release of this range.

Mananarepublic said...

This will be awesome! Really looking forward to this Mike!


Jason Hubbard said...

Very nice, as usual another top notch miniature, keep up the good work guys.

Jason Hubbard said...

Another top notch miniature, keep up the good work guys.

Allan and Carmen said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Cannot wait to order mine (plus the others).

Any idea on timeframe?

Happy Painting,


David said...

What do the various written notes on the concept say? Is there any chance of a slightly higher res version so that they're legible?

Phillip said...

How big of a base are these minis on? 25mm or 40mm? They look fantastic and actually immediately fill a role that I needed for my own tabletop game I'm running. :)

StudioMcVey said...

@ Philip - The bases are 25mm. The miniatures are designed to go on standard 25mm round bases. The ones shown are resin bases we will be releasing along side the miniatures. The design is a little different, the footprint is exactly 25mm, but the sides of the bases are actually more vertical, so you end up with a larger top surface.