Sunday 27 May 2012

Samaritan Troopers

Just a quick post today - it's still incredibly busy here and hard to find the time to do anything 'extra'!

I wanted to show the concept for the new Samaritan troopers and talk a little about them. When we originally launched the Sedition Wars miniatures a couple of years ago, the troopers were quite a lot lighter armoured and more low-tech - and while I really liked them (and still do), I saw Battle for Alabaster as a chance to refresh them, and add a little more hard sci-fi edge to the Vanguard. The new Prophet Armour Samaritans certainly do that - and the design of the armour and weapons definitely has echoes of high-tech sci-fi video games and films.

Here's the concept -

Great work from Roberto Cirillo (by the way - we haven't done that version of the grenade launcher yet - the one in the game is quite different) - wonderfully sculpted by Kev White, who has such a natural feel for this kind of subject matter. I have just shown the Male Samaritan with Las Carbine here, but will be showing the other miniatures in the coming weeks - I can't blow them all in one post, I'm trying to post a blog every day the Kickstarter is running!

Here's some flavour text about them -

A squad of Vanguard Samaritans can end up visiting dozens of systems on a single tour of duty. This means that each squad must be ready for a vast number of tactical situations. Simulation training prior to deployment often implants specific survival techniques for a variety of environmental conditions. A single Samaritan is trained to improvise whenever necessary, and to persevere no matter what the adversity.

Specially deployed in Prophet Armour, Samaritans are entrusted to excel in the most hostile of battlefield conditions. The armour system combined with the Katar kinesis carbine makes the Samaritan a lethal battlefield platform. Should they die in combat, each Samaritan is implanted with a cortical recall beacon that allows the mind of the slain soldier to be uploaded into a vat-grown replacement body. Downtime is temporary and battlefield stress is dealt with in virtual space prior to redeployment.
Samaritans are seen as one of the most elite fighting forces on the Edge.




TSINI said...

I didn't realise Kev was involved, I should have guessed from the awesome "stalking" stance. He's a personal favourite of mine, hasslefree are the basis of my homegrown zombie game.

Drew Olds said...

Oh, yeah. Kev White's sculpted everything from Sedition Wars, I think.

I wasn't sure about the Strain, but all of the Vanguard and Firebrand minis look very Kev White.

HaWior said...

I like Kev White miniatures since the first Celtos models. And this one looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

The industry has enough "Halo" types I think. Your designs are in that arena, a bit, and yet they have a very nice look of their own that makes them a valid newer design.

Good Work! :)

gloria_invictus said...

Kev White has not sculpted EVERYTHING for Sedition wars. He has sculpted all of the Colonial Vangaurd range including the new Samaritans. He also sculpted a couple of Friebrand Minis - the T.H.I. Carapace and Vokker Dargu. Kev did not sculpt any of the Strain.

The rest of the Firebrand minis were sculpted by Yannick Hennebo (the Heavy Brute)and Remy Trenbly (the Drones and the Conscripts).

Th Strain were sculpted by JAG (the Grendlr), Remy Trembly (Phase 1 minis) and Yannick Hennebo (Phase 2 forms , the Scythe witch and Brimstone)

All great minis - lovely team of sculptors involved. absolutely love the look of the Samaritan armor. top work.

Andrew Roberts