Monday 14 January 2013

Akosha Nama - Assembly

The next miniature we are going to look at is another Vanguard character from bag 1 - Akosha Nama.

There are five for this miniature - Body, left leg, head, right arm and gun.

The process is just the same as outlined in the Morgan Vade article - clean the components first, then assemble them one at a time, being careful to let the glue dry before moving on to the next. The only difference with this miniature, is the leg needs to be attached to the body before the body can be glued to the base.

The leg, arm and head are all plug in pieces - so very easy to assemble. The gun is a little more tricky as there are no locating pegs (the pieces are too small) but the fit is accurate with the arms. It will help the gluing process if you carefully remove a little of the surfaces to be joined with a sharp blade or emery board - that gives a stronger join.

Stage by stage photos below.



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