Friday 11 January 2013

BfA - Bag 1 contents

Really quick post - here are the contents of bag one. All the parts are photographed so you can see which parts go with which miniatures.

Where the position of the fit is important we have tried to use a plug wherever possible, so that they will go together correctly. For example on the small right arm for Akosha, it's important that the position is just right or it's hard to position the gun. The plug join only allows you to assemble it in the correct position.

Here are the parts split for each of the miniatures in this bag -

A - Morgan Vade. Body, head, right arm with bag, left arm with pistol, las carbine
B - Hurley. Main hull, turret, aerial, post for attaching to base.
C - Akosha. Body, left leg (shown attached to body), head, right arm, gun
D - Kara Black. Body, right arm with gun, left arm with sword, scabbard
E - Barker Zosa. Body, right arm, power lifter unit, left knee pad, fusion lance, plasma thrower

Next article we will begin by assembling Morgan.


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