Wednesday 23 January 2013

Barker Zosa - Assembly

Here's the run through for Barker. The parts go together in a very straightforward way, and the only tricky thing is deciding which weapon to give him. We only have one studio version painted, so I have inserted a pin for the Plasma thrower (it's a tight fit in the hole so stays on okay), and if I want to use the  Fusion lance I pop a little piece of blu-tac in the join - it's worked fine in games so far. People have suggested using magnets to attach the weapons, and that sounds like a great idea - I must give it a try.

Here are the parts in the bag -

And here are the stage-by-stage photos for the assembly -

That's it for the figures that come in Bag 1.



UKDane said...

Please show how/where you did the pining?

StudioMcVey said...

Yes I will do that soon, just trying to get as many of the assembly guides up as possible.


Jay said...

Regarding Barker Zosa and magnets, I have some pictures and info here:

I hope it's okay to post a link here - just thought it would help all :-)

StudioMcVey said...

Thanks Jay,

I'll have to give this a try, looks like a perfect solution.