Friday 11 January 2013

Battle for Alabaster miniatures

As I mentioned over on the Studio McVey Forums, I am going to be posting a series of articles here about assembling the miniatures that come in Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster.

This first brief article just covers what you get in the box - and how they are organised. In the next one we'll start looking at specific examples, and then some hands-on assembly.

When you take all the printed material from the box - you will get to the miniatures in the bottom of the box (see the unboxing video here for a general over-view of what you get in the game box). They are bagged together as they come out of the production moulds. This means that some of the parts for miniature will be in separate bags - for example, the las carbines for the female Samaritans are in one bag and the bodies are in another. I will make all of that completely clear in these articles though, and take pictures of all the parts that go together.

For the time being - here are the relevant bags.

Bag 1 - Captain Kara Black, Corpsman Morgan Vade, Barker Zosa, Operator Akosha Nama, Hurley (all parts for all miniature are included in this bag)
Bag 2 - Scythe Witch x2, Brimstone x2, Samaritan Reaver x2 (complete), Weapons for female Samaritans, Grenadiers, Lancers
Bag 3 - Grendlr and Cthonian (complete)
Bag 4 - Male Samaritan x5 (complete), Female Samaritan with helmet x5 (no weapons), Female Samaritan without helmet x5 (no weapons), Phase one strain 1 (big arm) x5, Phase one Strain 2 (hunched over) x4, Phase 1 Strain 3 (claw hand) x5, Stalker x4, Quisimodo x4
Bag 5 - All bases.

That's it for now - next article soon where we'll be looking at the contents if Bag 1 in more detail.


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Fat Lad said...

I'll be following this series of articles closely. Con't wait for my box to arrive